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Today I came to another super tip for that incredible event where you have to be flawless like a princess * - * And to look like a princess you need to know store. The is one of the leading online retailers in the world, operating throughout the United States and Europe offering beautiful dresses for all events.

All dresses are products by the company, all done with great care and good taste. The Prom Time and has the main goal to please their customers both high quality products and price.

In PromTime you find cheap formal dresses and gorgeous! In Brazil it is impossible for you to buy a dress for balls for less than R $ 5,000 and so whenever we chose to rent a dress of the same price to buy a dress. In PromTime values have fair prices and you buy back credit card (needs to be international credit card).

In PromTimes, has a wide selection of dresses to suit all tastes, modern dresses and trend. In such a special moment, the store trying to please their customers making the moment even more memorable, with the overall quality of products. The choice of products based on their approved reliable models. All products undergo a factory check and own quality assurance team and makes everything is packed and delivered in perfect condition.

"PromTimes choose products based on their excellent designs and proven reliability. In this sense, we guarantee that all products on our site are of high quality. We check all the orders during the packing stage to make sure that the right accessories are included and that all the included adapters are correct for your country. All our products have passed a quality check at the factory, but we go above and beyond that. Our own Quality Assurance team becomes item we ship works properly before being packed and shipped to you. For more information on specific product returns and warranties, please refer to our Return Policy."

Payment methods

To shop at PromTimes  you can use the credit card (international) and bank transfer. The value of the delivery fee is for buyer ... The delivery is made by a company and not by the post office. The delivery of the purchase is made as quickly as possible the store seeks better to serve its customers from the time of purchase to the quickest possible delivery of the goods.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact customer service via for further assistance. In PromTimes you shop safely, all customer information is protected and visitors. They are always listening to customers, even an abuse. They are always grateful for any time you spend providing the suggestion, for they love to ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

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*Este post foi patrocionado pela PromTimes mas as informações são minhas.
* This post was sponsored by PromTimes but the information is mine.

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